RAYMAN spol. s r. o.
Ocelárenská 1781
272 01 Kladno
tel: +420 312 685 978

IČ: 47549122
DIČ: CZ 47549122
Firma je zapsána v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Městským soudem v Praze, oddíl C, vložka 21117.


About the company-The company profile

RAYMAN spol. s r. o. company with the seat in Kladno, is a Czech engineering firm founded in l993. Its activity follows the family business tradition founded by Václav Rayman, a locksmith´s foreman in Kladno in 1919. Company develops its activity above all in pneumatic conveying of bulk materials field but also in dust exhausting and light air conditioning. At its activity the company comes from z long-time experience of its workers in these fields, which are constantly activated by the latest items of knowledge. Company officers are the chartered engineers in "technigue of buildings environments" branch..

Company has realized the contracts from the small finantial amounts for example technical assistance and small parts and equipment delivery, to equipment of hundreds thousands € value. Company guarantees all contracts in all branches of its activities from a pilot project for the building approval through the realization and supply documentation, machinery and equipment delivery as well as equipments setting up and breaking in.

RAYMAN spol. s r. o. company specializes above all on projects working out and “on package deals” realization of pneumatic conveying equipments of dry powder and grained materials (cement, lime, flying ash, chemical products, plastics etc.) and their dust collecting in building and ceramic industry, cement works, metal, chemical and energetic workshops. Our firm also designs and deliver equipment for given bulk materials expedition “on package deals”.

Company as well produces and supplies components of pneumatic conveying equipments for powder and granular materials handling, those as vessel and flow-rate feeders jet-pumps, equipment for fluid conveying, conduit double branch joints, feeding pipes, of road and railway containers, filters for feeding nozzles dust-exhausting and pneumatic conveying equipment, safety systém of containers, aerating equipment of silos and containers etc. We are ready on our customer demands to develop, design and produce even atypical parts of those equipments or to adjust, change and modify our typical product to the customer demand or to the given technical conditions.

RAYMAN spol. s r. o. company designs and ensures deliveries and assembly of dust collecting equipment in building industry, concrete mixing plants cement works, grit mixing plants, metal and industrial operations, heating plants, and other energetic operations respectively, but not only in connection with realization of pneumatic conveying equipments. Hereat we are not under any obligation or connection with any of filter producers, which makes us free and gives us the possibility to offer the most suitable technical solution to the customer and for the realization to use a fiter of that producer, who can offer technical the most advantageous and budget priced equipment for the given subject.

RAYMAN spol. s r. o. company further designs and supply ventilating equipment key ready. We have already designed and realized ventilation in restaurants, kitchens, hotels, shops, administrative buildings, central control boards and control centres of industrial plants, production areas of meat combines and breweries and other industrial spaces. These actions are ensured beginning from the design working out for the building approval through the documentation of realization, machinery and equipment delivery as well as equipment setting up and its breaking in

RAYMAN spol. s r. o. company designs equipment always with regard to the high useful value at the low capital, operational and energy costs and also with regard to the high demands on work hygiene and ecological compliance. At the same time the priority of own technical solution is given and the equipment is designed for every action according to the specific needs and customer demands “made-to-measure”.

Our company has taken a satisfied customer as our principal task. That customer operates equipment on high technical level, which corresponds with energetic and environmental demands of 21st century. The strict keeping of written and not written contracts observance as well as open technical dealing solving the possible technical problems and their results is the key to this task reaching. The strict keeping of technical, terms and finantial obligations is a matter of course.

RAYMAN spol. s r. o. company specialists are ready to answer all possible enquiries of prospective clients and give them a proper consultation at solving the problems in air conditioning field, dust exhausting and pneumatic conveying and are able to recommend the optimal solution.

Our working sites contacts:

- company seat (and contact in German language): Ocelárenská 1781, 272 00 Kladno (CZ), tel. +420 312 685 978, tel., fax +420 312 247 621, E - mail: rayman@rayman.cz

- technical office Milevsko (and contact in English language): Nádražní 688, 399 01 Milevsko (CZ), tel. +420 382 522 115, tel., fax +420 382 522 117, E - mail: petr.rayman@rayman.cz